St John's Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 38: The beholders Cave

Fuego Ducky, and Xana find some stuff

Fuego and Ducky ride a magic carpet into the beholders cave to find a smoke filled room. Ducky uses gust of wind to clear the room while Fuego shines a ight down below. Before he can pull his light up though, it’s struck by an arrow, causing a blinding explosion.

As Ducky and Fuego gather their wits about them they hear " Stop them, don’t them through this door!" and the thump of a closing door.

Xana shows up and the group explores the cave tracking down the bugbear cheif who’s attempting to escape with the beholders stash of most precious magic items.

As they group battles the bug bear he grows to immense size with weird distended proportions due to the magic he’s wielding but can not control.

Fuego gets some potions
Ducky gets some Ioun Stones
Xana gets a piece to her map. (all black paper, with no discernible markings)

The groups reads a letter sent from Paz Titanborn


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