St John's Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 32: Problems to Address
Party time is over, Neverwinter is at risk.

The group threw a party at the floating castle and Fuego chased the Green Dragon that was hell bent on crashing it.

Thia recruited Chaab, Branwen Dustsong, and two archers to help defend the castle from the imminent attack.

After an airborne battle the group was able to force the dragon to flee.

Fuego befriended a leash pig.

Chapter 31: Time to Party
We're celebrating for a bit!


The party decided it’s time to party now that you’ve returned to neverwinter with the flying Spire on Castle Harkonnen.

Preparations are all in order and the guests are gathered near the lift. Now where’d Fuego get off to?

Chapter 30: An army approaches from the South
Paz Titanborn will soon be at the gates of Neverwinter.


Date: August 2nd, 6:30 PM

Chapter 29
The Battle against Feyd


We last left the group bruised and mid-combat against an Iron Golem that’s become a Warthog, Iron-trap, countless mind-controlled slaves, and Feyd.

Now it’s time to finish this battle with Feyd or die trying.

Will our brave adventurers arise victorious, or are we looking at a total party kill? Only you attendance and ingenuity can answer those questions.

See you all this Tuesday, July 19th, at 6:30 PM!

Chapter 28: In the middle of Castle Harkonnen

The group loudly enters Castle Harkonnen and brings everyone straight to them.

Chapter 27: Flashback to the Past
Bronn and Koth play through a memory.


Koth has a conversation with Garfield the deals warlock and looks deep into the paper lantern.

“Koth, do you remember the first time you met Bronn?” asked Garfield as the colorful lantern he held twirled on the end of his finger.

“Yeah, it was in Baldur’s Gate about five or six years ago” replied Koth, his eyes were drawn to the spinning wheel of color.

Koth finds himself seemingly transported to the past were he maintains his current level of skill a well as his weapons and equipment. Koth soon finds himself reunited with Bronn, who at this point in time has never met Koth. A strained conversation ensues which draws the attention of an Elf who’s dancing in the bar in celebration of slaying a dragon.

Koth puts aside other pleasantries to warn Bronn “not to accept cards from Death” in the future. Soon after the party sets out into the streets to explore. It isn’t long before a young boy snags the bag of beans from Koth and dashes into the crowd of people. Luckily for the party David, the female elephant is following close behind and catches the boy before he can make it far.

After some questioning the boy reveals that he is an orphan who’s been “taken in” by a thug who’s working to make a name for himself in Baldur’s Gate. This Half-Orc warrior has been collecting magical items and has an army of children wandering the streets looking for them.

Bronn sees a better option for the boy and offers to pay for his apprenticeship at the theive’s guild.

The group sets off toward the center of town where Demarcus’ hideout awaits.

Bronn sneaks in and pretends to be a small boy to draw Demarcus out. Demarcus sees through his deception and attacks.

Bronn throws a handful of magic beans which erupt in a massive fireball that quickly fills the small basement cave and kills the five children unlucky enough to be in the room. Koth and Nero quickly join the fight and Demarcus is defeated in short order.

The group loots the basement, and Nero Teleports away as soon as she has an item she finds acceptable. Koth notices the paper lantern in the corner of the room and quickly grabs Bronn’s cloak as he feels himself being pulled back to the present.

Garfield has stopped spinning the lantern at this point. “I’m sorry Koth, I can only show you the past and let you change it in subtle ways. Bringing Bronn back is going to take much more than this paper lantern.”

Side Chapter 1: Strangers in the South

“A group of strangers finds one another as they each search for the same relic but for different reasons …”

The Tainted Mountain Parts 3

Part 3


The party arrives in the courtyard of Castle Harkonnen and looks around to see the walls of a large black castle courtyard rising around them. In the center of the courtyard stands the party in the center of a 12 pointed star portal.

A small black robot roughly the size and build of a small wood stove. This robot approaches you and says “Hail and well met, comrade… You seem different… " followed by a whirring of gears from inside.

Before he could raise the alarm he was thrown through the portal back to Neverwinter, only to find Karshoom and Rahina waiting for him on the other side.

After covering Iron Trap with spider’s web to hold him place Rahina and Karshoom proceed through the portal, inadvertently taking Iron Trap with them. Upon arriving Iron Trap immediately sounds his deafening alarm and summons 01, a 30 foot tall Iron Chaos Golem.

The party begins to fight a losing battle with Karshoom nearly losing his life to a massive blow from the Golem’s axe. Luckily the gods were smiling upon Karshoom this day and shielded his fragile body from the blow somewhat. After some quick thinking Rahina saves the day by transforming into a mass of writhing snakes that enters the Golem’s chest and breaks the False Chaos Gem found in 01’s core.

Upon seeing 01 fall to the hands of the adventurers, Iron trap calls to his “boss” for assistance. The party sees the a Black Figure emerge from the top balcony of the castle tower and begin to walk down the face of the building. As he draws near he begins to pull whisps of fire from the volcano behind him and create a massive fire ball that he lobs at the group. The group escapes in the nick of time with the help of a bald, halfling miner named Smyth.

Smyth and his clan have been mining this mountain for Adamantine for years before Faed gained access to a chaos gem.

Smyth Halfing clan has signs of madness from studying the chaos gems. A few of them have begun to only speak in riddles.

Dangerous wildlife can found lurking around the lava tubes and mountainous terrain.

While digging through rocks Fuego finds a monster’s lair with the skeletal remains of a man with a gleaming silver sword beside it. (Sword is animated)

There is a tortured soul within Castle Harkonnen who can offer assistance if they can be saved.

The Tainted Mountain Parts 1 and 2

Part 1


The party arises to find Lady Eveyln curled up next to Karshoom and Elena Wisewillow waiting to speak with Bronn in the Inn’s dining hall. After learning that Elena’s parents and brother have been kidnapped by the Zhentarim Bronn promises to help her after they take Lady Evelyn to see Bandar at the Irulan Coven house.

The group arrives just in time for Lady Evelyn and Bandar to reunite for a brief moment before his death. Before bandar passes he calls Bronn and Koth and asks them to join the cause and hands them each a pearl. After Bandar passes, The coven members, including those in the party with the red right hand, perform the traditional coven “cremation ritual” in which all present members of he coven form a circle around the body of the deceased who has been wrapped in a red cloth. The members of then extend their right hands and draw out the “color” from the body, each member gaining a vivid memory of Bandar as a consequence. After the color has drained from the sheet, the now seemingly empty gray sheet is placed in a fire to turn to ash. Plunder tells the party that the Zhentarim have been sneaking wagons out of the city every new moon only to return a few hours later with the same wagons. Tonight is a new moon.

The party travels to Elena Wisewillows home to investigate and they find a scrap of leather that seems to match the leather on the Cloak with the twelve pointed star that was found earlier.

The Party finds the Zhentarim at the south gate preparing to leave with two wagons. Bronn sneaks under the first wagon and when the wagons begin to move he cripples his wagon to slow the progress. Then the party engages them and causes a chase. The second wagon is toppled during the high speed chase and Zhentarim are quickly dispatched.

Part 2

The embodiment of Death greets the group and before they say a word to him they open the wagons to find the first wagon is full of strange mechanical gears and parts you’ve never seen before. They seem to be made of a strange black metal that feels slick to the touch. Handling the parts makes you want to wash your hands in revulsion. The entire wagon is full of these, there’s strange writing on the crate in a language you do not understand.

The second wagon is full of people who were kidnapped from Neverwinter. 10 people both men and women, all “adults” with the youngest being a handsome young man of about 18.

The first thing you hear is the screaming.The pile of bodies in the wagon are a mangled bloody mess. Arms and necks bend at odd angles and blood has pooled from the blunt force trauma. Bodies have been crushed by heavy crates full of metal mechanical gears. Your mind reels at seeing this and after a moment to gain your composure you realize that screaming means someone inside is still alive. You find that only half of the people in here are dead, the others are in various states of shock and injury. Two of them are in critical condition, One has a metal pipe sticking through him pinning him to the wagon floor, the other has a head wound that is bleeding profusely. The woman with the head wound is quite beautiful and young (She’s Balar’s girlfriend).

Death thanks the party for bringing him yet another batch of souls much sooner than he’d expected. He rewards Bronn with a “Deck of Many things” and warns that “you draw what you declare.”

Bronn declares 6 cards, and draws 5 gaining riches, a boon to be answered by the gods, and a 4th level knight who is fiercely loyal before losing consciousness and going completely catatonic.

The Party returns to Neverwinter with Bronn, Warrior James, and Lady Elena’s family. They take the black metal parts found in the wagons back to the city and leave them with the dwarves. After speaking with the head of the city watch the party discovers that a 14’ tall dragonborn has been spotted in the city and can likely be found drinking at bar near the hightower district.

Group recruits Fuego

Groups heads to “portal pit” and koth walks right into a net trap. Group fights off 3 black guard drakes and then steps through the portal in without changing positions.


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