St John's Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 38: The beholders Cave
Fuego Ducky, and Xana find some stuff

Fuego and Ducky ride a magic carpet into the beholders cave to find a smoke filled room. Ducky uses gust of wind to clear the room while Fuego shines a ight down below. Before he can pull his light up though, it’s struck by an arrow, causing a blinding explosion.

As Ducky and Fuego gather their wits about them they hear " Stop them, don’t them through this door!" and the thump of a closing door.

Xana shows up and the group explores the cave tracking down the bugbear cheif who’s attempting to escape with the beholders stash of most precious magic items.

As they group battles the bug bear he grows to immense size with weird distended proportions due to the magic he’s wielding but can not control.

Fuego gets some potions
Ducky gets some Ioun Stones
Xana gets a piece to her map. (all black paper, with no discernible markings)

The groups reads a letter sent from Paz Titanborn

Chapter 37: Beholders on the Montain
The party returns to the material plane to find things have changed


The group returns to find that Venom fang never aquired chaos gems in this timeline and his body is nowhere to be seen. Instead Davenport warns of the Beholders who’s recently been seen in the area.

The group devises a plan to blow up the entrances to the cave and smoke the beholder out through his escape tunnel.

When the group smokes out the mountian they are shocked to see two beholders emerga from the smoke: The zombie of Erku Xax and his new master. A heated battle ensues during which Erku is polymorphed into a zombie a dog the group rises victorious.

Chapter 36: Training in Limbo
Level your characters up to 13, cause you just slayed a dragon!


“You awake to see a blue sky above you torn by rippling fire and sheets of ice. You feel grass under your hands and neck as you realize you’re on your back. After a few, seconds you remember a terrible magical explosion moments before you were knocked unconcious. Before you have time to ponder this further a gravely voice to your side says, ’You’re a long way from home, and we have much to teach you before you begin your return journey.”

Chapter 35: Venomfang comes knocking
An ankle clasp for a massive monster

The party has all of the materials to make their trap and hopefully lure Venomfang in for a kill. Will the party prove successful, or will Venomfang unleash untold damage upon Neverwinter?

Join us tomorrow night for the thrilling conclusion!

Chapter 34: Side Quest
The Box

Bronn manages to escape his extraplanar prison only to find himself doubling back on his own timeline. Garfield, The Deals Warlock, quickly steps in to prevent calamity and tasks Bronn, Thia, and Tett with delivering “a box” to Longsaddle from Baldursgate.

The party agrees, only to find a massive, magically protected shipping container blocking the entire road in front of their inn in the morning.

Tett “knocks” the box to open it and unwittingly burns the inn keeper to death and his business to the ground.

Tett then animates the box, giving it four massive iron legs and marches it out of town toward Longsaddle.

Along the way, the party is attacked by a band of Gnolls led by a mysterious female elf.

Amidst a raging thunderstorm, the party opens the box again and scars the earth for miles. As the steam heat generated by the box and the rushing water builds the sandstone canyon begins to crack and give way. Finally the canyon crashes in on itself forcing a rush of water the propels the still open box to the edge of Londsaddle.

There the group is greeted by Garfield and an excited group of wizards who are quite pleased to his this delivery from the elemental plane of fire.

Garfield gives the group a few magical items for their troubles as well as a few new games for Bronn’s newly aquired “Game NiƱo”

As the portal opens back to Bronn’s prison he attempts to fly away instead of heeding Garfield’s advice to “just go easily.” As Bronn turns to escape a massive dragon claw reaches through the portal and seizes him, crushing his bones and body. Bronn is pulled back to the shadow realm where he’ll spend quite some time healing his wounds.

Chapter 33: Building a Dragon Trap or Something
The crew has decided this dragon needs to be dealt with and that means a mythril shackle.

It’s time to gather yet again my friends. The City of Neverwinter is still threatened by a Dragon and a looming army. Let’s get going!

Chapter 32: Problems to Address
Party time is over, Neverwinter is at risk.

The group threw a party at the floating castle and Fuego chased the Green Dragon that was hell bent on crashing it.

Thia recruited Chaab, Branwen Dustsong, and two archers to help defend the castle from the imminent attack.

After an airborne battle the group was able to force the dragon to flee.

Fuego befriended a leash pig.

Chapter 31: Time to Party
We're celebrating for a bit!


The party decided it’s time to party now that you’ve returned to neverwinter with the flying Spire on Castle Harkonnen.

Preparations are all in order and the guests are gathered near the lift. Now where’d Fuego get off to?

Chapter 30: An army approaches from the South
Paz Titanborn will soon be at the gates of Neverwinter.


Date: August 2nd, 6:30 PM


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