Paz Titanborn

Slave Master of Calimshan


Born into the Titanborn family of Calimshan Paz was a kindhearted soul who cared for and took pity on his family’s slaves. When he was a young man he befriended a Half-Orc who had been purchased for fighting in the gladiator pits. Koth and Paz developed a sort of friendship over the years and Paz even played a small role in Koth’s uprising and escape years ago.

Unfortunately as the first born son of the Titanborn family Paz held the “honor” of being the family’s genie host, a sort of living vessel that holds a genie and all of its powers. The Calimshan have held this tradition for years after forcing their original genasi masters back to the elemental planes from whence they came. Being the host for a genie is more than just carrying a genie around with you, the genie’s personality and evil begin to become a part of who you are.

Paz who was once a kindhearted man, is now a cruel soul who drives his slaves to death by exhaustion in the hot fields of Calimshan.


Paz Titanborn

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