Teifling Bard




Karshoom was born on the run to Sezo, his human mother and Kosthus. his tiefling father. His paternal grandparents were Pazdor, a Glabrezu demon and Patience, the most vile human being to ever call herself “grandma”. Entrapped by a bit of cunning contract language, Pazdor found himself sworn to grant wishes to Patience. The usual downfall of demonic wishes was of no concern to her, as she meant no living being any good will.

When a curse upon a village’s first born resulted in an ironic pregnancy, Patience took the tiefling child as part of her legacy, training him in the ways of sowing sorrow. As soon as Kosthus was old enough to run, of course, he did.

Kosthus sought out ways to help people, and undo the blighted misery spread by his parents. On one such adventure he met Sezo, a musician in a tavern. They fell madly in love and got married in between exploring kobold caves and harassing dragons. Shortly after their son Karshoom was born, word spread to his grandparents, who were incensed at the reputation their offspring had.

The couple was able to escape the Demon’s clutches for a few short years, imparting a sense of good and honor as best they could. It’s uncertain how much of that stuck with Karshoom, but what did impact him was his mother’s love of music. Karshoom never picked up his mother’s lute virtuoso, but deep in his memory are a dozen or more human songs she sang to him as a tiny tiefling.


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