Bronn Swanson

Halfing Rogue Assasin




Born by the Sea of Fallen Stars, Bronn was taken in by Posha Pook after the his parents were killed by a ravenous black dragon named Dimnoth. Dimnoth had ventured out from Drogonmere, The Lake of Dragons in order to claim an island for himself, the small settlements resistance proved little but an inconvenience to Dimnoth.

Posha Pook is the leader of a local thieves guild and trained Bronn in the arts of stealth, deception, and thievery. Thus, instilling a lust for priceless items that nips at Bronns phyche still today. He became proficient with thieves tools and was often know(by few) to rob the most heavily guarded strongholds in the realm without even leaving a witness.

After the untimely death of Pook, Bronn struck out on his own to following his halfling urges to become an adventurer. Funding his travels by stealing and trading goods for passage on ships, by carriage, and even once by camel.

When Bronn arrived in the city of Calinport he realized that a civil war between rival gangs presented a new opportunity for his skills, one that would be much more lucrative. He had befriended the legendary Hogan “Angel of Death” McGordon by happenstance at a shady pub where rogues tended to gather. He found that he was fond of McGordon and

Bronn Swanson

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