St John's Dungeons and Dragons

Chapter 34: Side Quest

The Box

Bronn manages to escape his extraplanar prison only to find himself doubling back on his own timeline. Garfield, The Deals Warlock, quickly steps in to prevent calamity and tasks Bronn, Thia, and Tett with delivering “a box” to Longsaddle from Baldursgate.

The party agrees, only to find a massive, magically protected shipping container blocking the entire road in front of their inn in the morning.

Tett “knocks” the box to open it and unwittingly burns the inn keeper to death and his business to the ground.

Tett then animates the box, giving it four massive iron legs and marches it out of town toward Longsaddle.

Along the way, the party is attacked by a band of Gnolls led by a mysterious female elf.

Amidst a raging thunderstorm, the party opens the box again and scars the earth for miles. As the steam heat generated by the box and the rushing water builds the sandstone canyon begins to crack and give way. Finally the canyon crashes in on itself forcing a rush of water the propels the still open box to the edge of Londsaddle.

There the group is greeted by Garfield and an excited group of wizards who are quite pleased to his this delivery from the elemental plane of fire.

Garfield gives the group a few magical items for their troubles as well as a few new games for Bronn’s newly aquired “Game NiƱo”

As the portal opens back to Bronn’s prison he attempts to fly away instead of heeding Garfield’s advice to “just go easily.” As Bronn turns to escape a massive dragon claw reaches through the portal and seizes him, crushing his bones and body. Bronn is pulled back to the shadow realm where he’ll spend quite some time healing his wounds.


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